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The following is a selected gallery of about 80 photos charting various areas of Nana Bonsu’s life, from what is available.  Click on any photo to be able to view it at a larger size, and to use the easy-to-use photo browser with ‘next’ and ‘previous’ arrow-buttons.  Below this gallery is a table of notes relating to the photographs (- this is still in development).

Image No Comments Year / Place
98 An active participant with the youth in their activities
107 Very passionate speaker
110a With other participants from youth training programme
145 Culture Week Activity
146 “               “        “
150 In Guyana
151 In Guyana with relatives
152a Nana spoke relentlessly about returning to Guyana and build/ educating people more about Africa
161 Culture Week performance
171 His House in Moss Side on Platt Street
176a Addressing 100th Anniversary celebration of M Garvey celebration at Carmoor Road
181 Audience at Culture Week
190 Visit to African Centred Village in Isreal ?
197 Children were dear to Nana. He is seen here giving children reassurance at African Liberation Day
239a With his grand children
242 Enjoying day out with youth from the centre
244 With youth club volunteers at the centre
252 With Pan African Activists; Len Garrison, second right, Poet, John Lyion and past WIOCC Chairman- Anthony Brown at opening night of Culture Week 2001
257 With staff and children from WIOCC
260 Down time at the Centre with wife Elouise
276 In Guyana with friend s and relatives
302 Abasinda performing at Carmoor Road
310 Jamaica Folk Singer performing at Carmoor Road
311 Cecil Gutzmore speaking
314 Pan African Historian and Activist   –   Drae Koka at Carmoor Road
316 Audience at Drae Koka at community lecture Carmoor Road
321 Performance at Culture Week
330 Audience at function at Carmoor Road
336 With his wife and elderly family member
337 With his wife and elderly family member
340 Mrs Allen a senior youth worker and administration assistant at Carmoor Road
341 Mr Smith. Form Chair of WIOCC with Nana
342 Nana Bonsu at work
344 Nana at Kwanza – Carmoor Road
345 With Mama Edwards at Kwanzaa – Carmoor Road
346 With Mama Edwards at Kwanzaa – Carmoor Road
347 Nana
349 Devon Brown work alongside with Nana for year on several youth programmes
350 Nana in Israel
351 Nana in Israel
353 Nana participating in meeting/seminar
354 Public demonstration organized by the Pan African Congress Movement
355 Nana leading in public demonstration organized by the Pan African Congress Movement
356 Nana with leading Pan African Activists from the UK
357 Forbes Brenham for Prime Minister of Guyana and Leader of one of the country’s main political party, The People National Congress
358 Nana was a key political representative for the PNC work in the Guyanese Diaspora
361 International conference attended by Nana, Dr John Clark, African Scholar and Historian in wheel chair
366 Family members with Nana
372 Nana at Conference
397 Mama Edwards
403 Audience at Carmoor Road
406 Marcus Garvey son at Carmoor Rd?
423 Audience at Education and the Black Child conference at Salford University, Manchester
441 Nana with international delegates and local people at conference he attended
459 Pan African Activist ?
460 Pan African Activist ?
466 Pan African Activist ?
489 Former Guyanese PM addressing political meeting in Georgetown Guyana
516 Children at play
523 Flag of Guyana ( to be carped)
524 Audience
526 Garvey Centenary celebrations
544 The Creator of Kwanzaa Festival Maulana Karenga at Carmoor Road
557 Audience at PNC party congress in Guyana
559 Audience at PNC party congress in Guyana
565 Garvey Scholar and   Pan African Activist Dr Tony Martin
568 African Scholar and Pan African Activist Dr Jefferies
607 International   Congress held at Carmoor Road
607/8 Nana, celebration of life community notices 2003

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