This 20-minute documentary film is a key output from the project.  Directed by Tony Reeves and involving a mixture of local filmmakers, volunteers and trainees, the film charts a number of perspectives on the life of Nana Bonsu, the context he lived in and the direction he took.  Enough said, the film speaks for itself:

The full length interviews for all 21 of the people interviewed in this film are also available – you can find them in the drop-down menu under “Media Archive” above.

We would welcome any comments you have – please use the box below.  What do you think is the most interesting aspect of the film?

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  1. Thanks you for this I knew Baba Nana Bonsu from attending PACM events around the country, He is someone who I grew to admire and respect deeply. His picture is currently my Profile picture on Face Book.

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