Political Edwards – Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD)

DSC_0038_sNana was always campaigning on some issue or another to seek justice for his people, ever since he arrived in the UK. In fact all his community work had a permanent campaigning element: marching, letter writing, calling public meetings, petitions etc. He was also a vibrant street and house to house campaigner in many battles against racism in all corners of England.

Hence it was no surprise when he became one of the early regional secretaries for the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination serving (CARD) from 1967 – 1971. His time and work in this organization contributed immensely in pressuring the state to enact the 1976 Race Relations Act, from which today many black people in the UK have benefited and continue to benefit.

Formed in 1964, CARD was an umbrella organisation, bringing together existing groups such as the Federation of Pakistani Organisations, the Indian Workers Association and Caribbean groups such as the West Indian Standing committee (themselves umbrella bodies) under its aegis. CARD sought to influence government to legislate against racial discrimination, either directly or indirectly, in housing, employment, education, the provision of goods, facilities and services and public places such as clubs and restaurants, much as civil rights groups in the USA had done.

Many who worked with him during this important and even dangerous stage of his life have nothing but praise for the many risks he took and the courage with which he marshalled a range of activities for achieving justice for his black brothers and sisters.

“His protests and campaigning styles were calm but penetrating, done with a model of clarity. He was prepared to use the law for its true purpose in the interests of fairness and justice. He had a tremendous feel for ordinary people”.
– Washington Alcott, 2014

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    Is Nana still with us or has he joined the realm of the ankhcestors ? if Nana is still with us, I would like to convene an interview with him or any member of his organisation, my details are below.

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