Nana Bonsu Library and Resources Centre

The Nana Bonsu Library and Resources Centre was opened in April 2011. It was officially opened by one of his granddaughters Samrian Dunkely and the Chair of the Pan African Congress Movement Sister Mayemi.

The library was named in his honour as he had a life dream of operating a bookshop, library and resource centre under one roof, where the public could come and have access to publications, carry out research and listen or participate in discussions and presentations relating to the contribution of African civilizations.

The library was made possible through a gift of a large collection of books journals, magazines, tapes, maps and other publications relating to African civilization covering numerous subjects by Mr Giles Haworth.

The library and resources centre has an extensive collection of books with an emphasis on African and Caribbean cultural history, literature, arts, politics, economics, religion and philosophy amongst other topics. There is also a general information section for adults, teens and children.

There is an extensive volume of material for researching African history and culture from as early as the fourteenth century for any academic level. The library contains a strong focus on matters relating to Eastern, Western, Southern and Central Africa. The journals collection covers a wide range of topics from many African countries. There are also maps and some audio visual materials. The collections include documents on the works of various African world leaders and authors.

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