Creating this project

DSC_1295_sThe Nana Bonsu Oral History project commenced in July 2013. 42 volunteers were recruited (age range 21 – 35 yrs) onto a series of workshops covering video production, web site development and desk top publishing. All volunteers also received training in oral history recording techniques.

For the project workshops: 15 volunteers took part in the oral history methodology training; 11 volunteers took part in the web site production workshops; 12 volunteers took part in the video productions workshops and 12 volunteers took part in the desk top production workshops. 8 volunteers went on to be involved in the filming of the interviews and 6 volunteers were involved in producing content for the project web site, magazine and exhibition.

“I have learnt how to operate a professional video camera, set up interview scenes and publish website pages. Richard delivered well and explained everything which was needed. I have really enjoyed this training and am looking forward to using my new skills.”
Simone Scantlebury

“I learnt a lot about Nana Bonsu’s life and how to use Photoshop. Thank You!”
Keith Hanley

Activities to involve the wider community included promotion of the project at the ‘Kwanzaa’ Afro-centric Harvest celebration in January 2014, held at the Carmoor Rd. West Indian Centre, attended by 200 people including guests from London, Birmingham, Leeds etc. The event was also used to conduct two additional interviews which otherwise would not have been captured.


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