What could we post up for next week? 

Is there something we can look out for or think about during the coming week before next week?  Can we take a photograph of it?  Basic categories could be:

  • Humour
  • News
  • Showcase – of work created by someone or an achievement of some kind
  • Interview – of someone about what they do or their role in something interesting or their views on something of interest
  • Review – of a book, tv show, film, music, event, talk, park, gallery, walk, … etc.
  • Report – on a recent event, activity, talk, meeting, etc of interest


How to use an automatic camera; key points:

  1. avoid using the flash if at all possible as it usually looks terrible
  2. cameras LOVE light so try not to take a pic in the dark
  3. move yourself and the camera around to get the best angle – side-to-side or up-and-down
  4. make sure nothing is against a window etc – keep the picture without any areas that are too bright or dark compared to other parts of the picture
  5. keep the camera close to the subject so that the subject fills the picture
  6. don’t have the resolution too high in the settings – the internet does not need big pictures – they just slow it down
  7. hold the camera steady when you take the picture
  8. look out for the person’s expression and activity (and if the eyes are blinking) – take a few shots that are each a bit different (including some that are natural and not posed) so you can choose the best one afterwards

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