Creating a web-page.

  1. In the Dashboard tab, the column down the left-side of the page is the main menu for the Dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Pages’, and then on ‘New Page’.
  3. In the same way as for posts, you can type in a title, and some body text, and add any images as you wish.
  4. Click on ‘Publish’ when you have finished.
  5. In the same way as for posts, you can go back and change that page at any time as you wish.
  6. Check your website.  You will notice that the title of that page is now an item on the menu of the website. 
  7. You can make the word that shows up on this menu shorter, just go back and edit that page and change it.
  8. You can change the order that the pages show up in the menu, just give them a number in the box on the right when you edit the page and then click on ‘Publish’ (or ‘Update’).
  9. If you want this page to be a sub-menu under another menu page, you need to select a ‘parent’ page when you edit the page and then click on ‘Publish’ (or ‘Update’).
  10. If you do not want the page to show up on the menu at all, you can change the status of the page from ‘published’ to ‘pending review’.



You can use pages to create simple menus.  To create customised and more complex menus, you will need to go to the Dashboard and find the ‘Menus’ item under the ‘Appearance’ on the left.

Here, you can mix pages and categories of posts as menu items, and tick the box marked ‘Default menu’ to activate the custom menu.  Watch how to do this at the training workshop.


Categories and tags.

These may be boring but they are very important.  Any website becomes difficult to use if visitors can’t find what they are interested in.  If used properly, categories and tags are a very powerful way for being able to do this.

For any post, you can create and choose one or more categories for that post.  Not only do these make it easy for your audience to find information for any of those categories, but they can also create a menu item for all posts in that category.

All posts automatically are in the category called ‘Uncategorised’ unless you change it.  To give a post one or more categories, you simply add categories or select their tick-boxes in the box marked ‘Categories’ on the lower right when you edit a post.

A tag is any word or short phrase that is important within or about that post.  These are usually much more specific than categories, and help to find specific information on your website more easily.

You can add tags to a post in the same way as you add categories, except you use the box marked ‘Tags’ on the lower right when you edit a post.

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